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October 27, 2021

When the taxicab I was riding in was broadsided by a Mexican in Phoenix, Arizona I had no idea at the time that it was probably no accident.  I had to tell the guy riding next to me to "GET OUT NOW!" because he was in shock from the impact and was frozen.  I was concerned that the fuel tank could catch fire and we could all wind up crispy critters and the door on my side was bashed in and would not open.  I finally got him out and fell on the sidewalk all banged up and bruised.  The seat of the front passenger had come loose and made a circular motion, breaking the drivers arm and bashing into me and some connective tissue and tendons in my chest were damaged and it hurt to take even one step. Lying on the sidewalk I looked up at the clouds and thought how stupid it would be to die here on the sidewalk from a dumb bastard that broadsided us when he ignored the traffic light.  I came close to being killed by this idiot Mexican who drove like most illegals do.  The ambulance took me to St. Joseph's Hospital where I had to be x-rayed, etc. and put under observation.

Little did I know that this car wreck was likely no accident, but deliberate on the part of the Mexican driver who reportedly had no driver's license and was wearing a special crash harness rigged in his van when he ignored the traffic light and the wreck happened.

Later when I contacted the cab company and attempted to get the insurance they told me they had general medical, etc. and would take care of it.  It took years to actually settle this account and I had to go to a law firm to get the insurance settlement who took out their share off the top.  In talking with the cab company of the cab I had been in the wreck in the guy told me the outsiders (Mexicans, illegals, etc.) often wreck their cabs to put them out of commission so the outsiders could have more business.  It was like a rivalry and the Mexicans were targeting U.S. cabs and cab companies trying to ruin them so the Mexicans could dominate and have a bigger share of the taxicab business.

I was amazed and shared my amazement with the cab company guy.  I had not known of this and was taken completely unaware by this information, but, I do believe it is possibly and probably true that this was and is happening.  You could not prove that the Mexican who rammed our taxicab did this on purpose is the problem.  It is a circumstantial thing.  I told the cab company I had later seen this same Mexican van guy still driving around Phoenix and why was he able to do that?
I still feel a twinge in my chest and changed my gait and am permanently damaged from this stupid accident.  I was hardly paid from the little settlement for this lasting permanent damage.

So many people, including myself, have been touched by illegal immigrant violence and crime in so many many ways it is indescribable.  This wreck is but one example of the myriad of crime cartels in America and the unfortunate effect they have on 'We, The Forgotten People'.  I am convinced there are so many scams, businesses, human trafficking, schemes, etc., run by illegal immigrants in the U.S. that you probably could not count them and congress sits on its ass and does nothing.  There are more illegals lined up at the border that Joe Biden has let in and more on the way that it is about to become a border war and congress sits and does nothing.  Congress has let this country down and refused to uphold the law and it is pitiful to be sold out by such a do-nothing bunch of crooks who also sold out The Constitution.


chemtrail recent Texas

Either Trump is not in control of the U.S. or he is with the crooks doing weather geo-engineering.  Chemtrails did not go away and cease.  They continue to this day!

Trump did not fullfill his promises to end illegal immigration by building a wall, etc..  Criminal illegals are still pouring into the U.S..

A massive spraying is happening over what used to be a sleepy little sheepherder town in Texas.  Why?

more recent chemtrails
more recent chemtrails  MORE RECENT CHEMTRAILS
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Wasn't it a Mexican national who said during an interview she wanted Trump to go?  Illegals know Trump is their enemy and want Biden or someone different than Trump. Consequently the illegal undocumented immigrants that Trump failed to deport likely voted against him and may have cost him the election.  Trump was supposed to declare the emergency over the illegals, not over the coronavirus!  He failed to do that and doesn't have a clear picture of how 1/4 of Mexico's population is now in the U.S..   INFOEDITOR

vote stealing, ballot stuffing, false ballots, voter fraud, President Trump

Nov. 7, 2020


I have read that President Trump's speechs and tweets have been deleted and disallowed, in other words, shut down by Twitter and the media.   President Trump should immediately file suit against respective media agencies for discrimination because they are openly discriminating against him.  I don't know why he has not done this, filed against them.  There is definitely a conspiracy within the media to censor him.  Who are these chicken-crap dysfunctional companies to censor The President of The United States?!!!

Trump played right into their hands. Declaring Covid Emergency Enabled The Mail-In Phoney Ballots

Many persons may have hoped that the election would not be stolen by the democrats, but the reality is it probably was stolen by dems.  Did you think they would not steal it?  Trump gave the dems the perfect opportunity to steal the election.  He did it by declaring the covid emergency in March 2020 instead of following The Constitutional rule of law, which caused the lockdowns which enabled and gave reason for mail-in ballots....of which many are obviously phoney.

There were several states that were slow to turn in results waiting for the ballot stuffing in order to see how many votes were needed for a Biden win.  In other cases, there were reportedly some 130,000 plus votes which magically appeared in the wee early hours - ALL FOR BIDEN.  ?????  This election has been super rigged, not just rigged, but super colossal rigged.

All the so-called ballots should be seized, removed to a secure place, and examined for authenticity.  All the electronic votes and their signatures should be examined for authenticity.  All the Michigan votes should be thrown out unless the re-count excludes votes which were flipped in favor of Biden by software glitches.

Until all this is done Biden should not be declared the winner, just a sinner.  Attorney General Barr should get off his fat ass and round up all the criminals including Joe and Hunter Biden and prosecute them for treason.  Hillary and Obama can be prosecuted and hanged immediately.  Trump remains president.  Fire the CIA and all CIA personnel.

Voter fraud and rigged elections is a  LAW BREAKDOWN in the U.S.. There is not law and order in the U.S..